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Below, you can find step by step videos and answers to the most popular questions. If anything is not covered, or you need any more information, please contact us here

Gifting a card

All the information you need if you’re buying OPEN Gift Cards. This includes if you’re a business that wants to reward employees.

Spending a card

A full guide on how and where you can spend OPEN. We have also included all information about lost and stolen cards.

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Business Support

A comprehensive guide for businesses on how to get started, take payments and benefit from OPEN Gift Card.

Ordering OPEN Gift Card

How to add funds to an OPEN Gift Card?

This video shows you how to load funds on to an OPEN gift card.

Gifting a card FAQs

Where can I get an OPEN gift card from?
You can take a blank card for free from any registered business. A list of participating businesses can be found here. If you want to order card(s) from our website directly, please visit here.

I’m looking for multiple cards for staff?
Please contact us at info@opengiftcard.co.uk. We’re able to pre-load multiple cards and deliver them securely. This service is specifically designed for staff rewards/incentives and large organisations looking to gift OPEN gift cards in bulk.

What is the card limit?
You can add from £10.00 to £120.00 onto a single OPEN Gift Card.

How do I add money to the card?
You add funds to an OPEN gift card in your own time through our website. To add funds, please visit http://www.opengiftcard.co.uk/card and in the ‘ADD MONEY’ panel enter the 5-digit card number on the back of the gift card and select the amount you want to gift. Please keep the security foil covering the ID on the card and do not damage it.

You’ll be taken to a secure payment page where you will be asked for your payment details. Once that is confirmed, the card is active and ready to be gifted.

What happens if I lose a card?
Please treat OPEN gift cards like cash. As we do not hold any personal information about you, we’re most likely to be unable to offer refunds or replacements for any lost cards. Please email help@opengiftcard.co.uk and we will investigate each incident on a case by case basis.


How do I spend my OPEN Gift Card?

This video is a simple run through of how to check your balance and where to spend your card in a variety of local independent businesses.

Spending a card FAQs

How do I spend my OPEN gift card?
Visit any registered business and simply hand over your card to a member of staff. They will take care of the payment.

Will I get a proof of purchase?
With each purchase you can request a receipt at the end of the transaction. This will be sent to you as proof of purchase, however, please also be sure to keep your gift card safe, as these act as proof of purchase also. Business owners can refuse to process a refund if you do not have either a receipt of the original gift card as proof.

Where can I spend my OPEN gift card?
The list of participating businesses can be found here.

How can I see my balance?
Visit www.opengiftcard.co.uk/card and in the ‘CHECK BALANCE’ panel enter the 5-digit card number on the back of the gift card.

How can I see my expiry date?
Visit www.opengiftcard.co.uk/card and in the ‘CHECK BALANCE’ panel enter the 5-digit card number on the back of the gift card. Each gift card is valid for two years from the date funds are added.

My OPEN gift card is damaged?
As long as you have the original card, then OPEN will transfer funds and replace the card free of charge. Please email help@opengiftcard.co.uk for further support with a damaged card.

I have lost my OPEN Gift Card
Please treat OPEN gift cards like cash. As we do not hold any personal information about you, we’re most likely to be unable to offer refunds or replacements for any lost cards. Please email help@opengiftcard.co.uk and we will investigate each incident on a case by case basis.

OPEN Gift Card Window Sticker

Completing your business profile

Running through each step in order to complete a business profile, including where you find specific business documents.


How to take a payment

Step by step guide of how to take a payment from a customer on OPEN Gift Card.

OPEN Gift Card POS

Business FAQs

What do I need to register my business with OPEN Gift Card?
The first step of registering with OPEN Gift Card, is to fill in the following form, providing the business owner’s name, business address, website/Facebook URL and contact details.

The OPEN team will then carry out relevant checks to confirm you qualify to join the platform and you will then receive an email confirming next steps.

Due to FCA regulations, each business joining OPEN Gift Card will be required to complete specific checks which will require you to provide legal documentation for identification.

What ID documentation is required?
This process is part of European anti-money laundering regulation, known as AML. It requires institutions (such as our payment provider MANGOPAY) to make sure that money transacting through their system is clean.

It is therefore is a legal requirement for us to complete this check on every business registering on our platform.

If you are a:

1 – Legal sole trader
You will need

  • Photo ID (passport/driving licence of the sole trader)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (or) Proof of Registration from the HMRC (if less of 3 months old)

2 – Legal business (i.e. Ltd Co or PLC)
You will need

  • Photo ID (passport/driving licence)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Latest confirmation statement or annual tax return
  • Shareholder declaration form

3 – Non-profit organisation, Charity
You will need

  • Photo ID (passport/driving licence)
  • Company Register issued within the last three months
  • Memorandum of association

ID documents are reviewed within 24 working hours after submission. You will be notified when these are accepted.

As you work through the registration process, clear instructions will be provided as to where you can find these documents. This entire process should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

To allow businesses some time to collate this information, you will have a £100 grace limit on your account, so you can start accepting cards immediately without being ID checked. Anything over £100 however will be blocked and the customer will not be able to use their card in the business. It is therefore very important to make sure these ID documents are submitted as soon as possible.

For more help, please email help@opengiftcard.co.uk

Where do I get my login?
When a business is accepted onto the OPEN platform, they will receive an email with a ‘Create Password’ link. Users will create a secure password and will be given access to their dashboard.

What device do I need to process an OPEN gift card payment?
Businesses will need access to an internet-enabled device. Ideally a smartphone or tablet. Although the transaction doesn’t require much data at all, you will need to be connected in order to take any payment. You can also use a laptop/computer to process a payment.

How do I take an OPEN card payment?
See our video above for a full step by step guide.
There are two ways to process a payment;

The easiest way to start the payment process is to scan the QR code sticker (which is provided in the Welcome Pack) with any mobile device. Any member of staff can do this and it will take you directly to the business payment page.

The other way to access your payment page is for the business owner to login in their account and simply click on the ‘Take payment’ link in the main navigation or underneath your unique QR code on the dashboard page.

NOTE – members of staff can scan your business QR code sticker to process a payment quickly and securely.

After scanning the QR code or clicking on ‘Take payment’, you will need to follow these 4 simple steps;

  • Enter the amount that is being taken for payment on the gift card (maximum £120.00)
  • Add a description of the transaction (optional, however will be easy to tally with till receipt)
  • Take the card from the customer and enter the 5 digit card number on the back of the gift card
  • Enter the 4 digit ID number which is also on the back of the gift card (if hidden under a scratch panel, then this needs to be removed)

The money from each transaction goes directly to the businesses own secure e-wallet, from which you can withdraw funds.

If a customer requires a receipt, then you can directly email them from the platform at the end of the translation (it will give you this option).

How do I withdraw my money?
Assuming you have completed your business profile, to withdraw money from your e-wallet, login to your business account and click on the ‘Withdraw Funds’ tab. Here you will see the value of your e-wallet and you can withdraw any amount above £5. You can withdraw from your e-wallet once a month for FREE, however if you want to withdraw more times than this it will cost £0.50p per additional transaction. We are charged this from our payment provider and unfortunately it is unavoidable.

How does our commission work?
OPEN take 12% commission from each gift card payment. This amount is automatically deducted and you can see the commission you have paid on each transaction on your personal dashboard. This 12% fee covers all costs and VAT and you will not see any other fees, unless you have processed additional monthly withdraws.

How does VAT work?
Each business is responsible for paying the full VAT on items and services purchased. OPEN Gift Card Ltd are VAT registered and as such, we will provide an invoice for every transaction, so that you’re able to claim the additional VAT back on the 12% commission you have paid. For more information on VAT or accountancy, please email help@opengiftcard.co.uk

Can I offer a refund?
OPEN will allow businesses to refund cards for free as long as the customer has the original card, or a receipt, with the card number present. This is required in order to reference the original purchase.

In order to successfully refund a purchase, the business owner will need to login to their dashboard and find the transaction in their transaction history. After confirming the refund, the transaction will simply be reversed and funds will be added back onto the customer’s gift card.

NOTE – if there are not sufficient funds in the business wallet to cover the refund, then it will be declined and any refund will need to be dealt with outside of the OPEN Gift Card platform (cash, store credit etc).

How do I order new cards?
If you have run out of cards and need a new pack for your point of sale unit, please email help@opengiftcard.co.uk and we will make sure to post them out asap.

I have forgotten my login details
Please follow the onsite instructions for resetting your password. If you’re still having issues logging in, please email help@opengiftcard.co.uk

How do I leave OPEN Gift Card?
Hopefully this will never happen, however if you aren’t happy and want to leave OPEN then please contact us on help@opengiftcard.co.uk