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What 2021 holds for OPEN Gift Card

by OPEN Gift Card • 20/01/2021

I don’t want this post to be focused purely on Covid, but we would be reminiscent to not talk about how it has affected our plans to push hard in the new year. Ultimately, we are keen to expand further across Leeds, as well as into new areas of Yorkshire and beyond and welcome fantastic new indies to join our community. However, we are acutely aware of the challenges that face our members and future members; and we want to make sure that we are promoting OPEN in a respectful and sensitive manner.

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Individual, local & national gift spend

by Paul Lenihan • 01/11/2020

Individual gift cards for local businesses certainly have their place, done well they can work absolutely fine; however, they are inherently limited in their nature for two main reasons.

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Welcome to OPEN gift card!

by Paul Lenihan • 01/09/2020

Hey there welcome to OPEN. OPEN is three friends from Leeds and we are attempting to revolutionise how gift cards work for independent businesses. JUST FOR INDIES We have recently built and launched a new gift card platform, designed solely for local businesses. Our plan is to create a network of indies in which our […]