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welcome to OPEN.

If you gift OPEN to your loved one or friend, they can spend it in places they use all the time. This means you aren’t restricted to just buying them a gift card from the same handful of big retailers and you’re helping support small businesses!

What would you like to do today?

Order a card

If you don’t already have an OPEN gift card from a business, then you can easily order one from our site. The card will arrive empty and you simply load funds in your own time.

Add money

Click the link below where you can add between £10 and £120 to your empty OPEN Gift Card. If you would like to load multiple cards, please contact us here.

Check balance

To check your current OPEN gift card balance, please follow the link below and enter the 5 digit code which can be found on the back of your card.

Want to understand more about how OPEN works?


OPEN Gift Card - Thank You Image

Adding money

A unique feature of OPEN is that you add money on to the cards yourself. They have no value until activated online using the serial code provided on the back of the card. Once money is added, then it’s ready to gift. It’s as simple as that.

OPEN Shop Sign

Ordering an OPEN gift card

Take a card for free from a shop, or order one online from our website here. Load the card with money in your own time and gift as you would any other gift card.

Unlike most other plastic gift cards ours are made from card and are completely recyclable. We also save paper by cutting back on unnecessary packaging. Simply personalise the back of the card with your message and gift!

OPEN Gift Card Location

Who accepts OPEN?

As a new business, our core focus is to grow the OPEN gift card community as quickly as possible. We’re working tirelessly to bring you the best local businesses in your area and will continue to be adding to that list on a daily basis.

As it’s our birthplace, we are initially focusing on the Yorkshire region. Other areas will quickly follow, so please make sure to check back on the site and follow us on our social channels.