OPEN Gift Card Ltd – Registered business terms and conditions

1. Becoming a registered business

1.1. Any business that would like to register on the OPEN Gift Card business platform will need to agree to the following terms and conditions;

1.2. All business details will be thoroughly checked before you will be given access to our platform. The initial sign up page will ask for Business Name, Owners Name, Address, Telephone Number, Website address/Facebook URL and Email. OPEN will use this information to check whether the business is suitable for the platform.

1.3. Open has the right to refuse a business registering on the platform. We do not need to give an explanation, however we will communicate with you directly if you have not been accepted.

1.4. Once a business has passed the initial check, you will be given full access to OPEN Gift Card Platform, which is powered by MangoPay. MANGOPAY whose registered office is at 10 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg, listed under Number B173459 on the Luxembourg Trade and Company Register and are OPEN Gift Cards end-to-end payment solution. They’re EU licensed and regulated by the Financial Institution and are PCI DSS Compliant.

1.5. You will then need to complete your profile before you can withdraw any funds. The additional information we need at this stage is;

  • Business type
  • Business owner details
  • Bank account details
  • ID documents
  • Shareholder declaration (not needed for sole traders)

If this information is not completed, then the business will be unable to withdraw funds.


2. Accepting OPEN gift cards:

2.1. In order to accept OPEN, you much have access to the internet and a computer or suitable mobile device. The system will not work without this and OPEN is not responsible for any lost sales if you’re unable to connect to our platform.

2.2. Full training on how to use OPEN Gift Card is available in the merchant portal once you’re registered and accessible from your personal dashboard.

If you have any specific questions or issues, please contact us at and the team will respond within 48hours.

2.3 All gift cards must be presented in-person to the retailer. Do not accept screenshots or printouts. OPEN is not responsible for any losses if a physical card is not presented.


3. The gift cards

3.1 Empty cards will be provided free of charge to any registered business as part of the welcome pack. Businesses must look after these and any wastage will be monitored.  If the security panel has been damaged or tampered with, please destroy the card immediately and contact We will issue a new pack.

3.2 The gift cards can only be used in OPEN registered businesses. These are listed here:

3.3 The value of the cards loaded ranges from £10 – £120, however customers can use multiple cards to make up to a maximum total of £500 towards the purchase.

3.4 There is no minimum spend using OPEN. It can be from 0.01p to £120.00 and the card can be used multiple times.

3.5 Users have two years to spend their OPEN gift card from the date of funds loaded. The expiry date can be found on the ‘Check Balance’ facility on the website. Cards will not work if they’re expired.

3.6 If a user does not have enough funds to pay for the goods/services then you can decide to decline the transaction, or use that balance as part payment and settle the balance through cash or card through your existing payment facility.


4. Business and Personal ID checks:

4.1 In order to complete your business profile on our platform, you will need to complete a number of simple security checks. This is FCA anti money laundering legislation and has to be completed and passed before you can withdraw funds from your account.

This information is required by the FCA and facilitated through our platform provider MangoPay. OPEN does not store or review any of the documents uploaded; nor do we hold any responsibility of the outcome of the checks.

4.2 Money cannot be withdrawn until all profile and ID checks are completed and passed. If you’re not able to pass these checks, then OPEN will contact you directly and we can discuss next steps.


5. Charges and commission:

5.1 Commission is charged at 12%. This is a non-negotiable rate and any changes will be communicated directly with registered businesses.

5.2 OPEN Gift Card are VAT registered and an invoice for our commission will be supplied at the end of each month for businesses.

5.3 If you’re not VAT registered, then 12% commission will still be taken.

5.4 You can withdraw funds from your account once per month for no charge. Any additional withdrawals will be charged at 0.50p per withdrawal. This is what OPEN is charged, so we’re simply passing the cost on.


6. Refunds:

6.1 The gift card user must keep their card as proof of purchase for refunds. The card number is needed for reference in the case of a refund. If the card is lost, then the customer will need to contact OPEN directly.

6.2 We can offer free refunds for 28 days from the date of purchase. Funds will be added back onto the same card number that that was used when purchasing goods. OPEN’s commission will also be refunded, so the vendor is fully reimbursed.

This is based on the following terms being followed:

– Please leave sufficient funds in your OPEN account to cover refunded goods.

– The card user must have proof of purchase, either by presenting the original OPEN gift card, or a digital receipt which is generated by the OPEN system. If the purchaser has no card or receipt, then we will not be able to process a refund. The card is like cash.

– The registered business has access to the account from which they can physically refund that purchase. You will need to be logged in to the business account to authorise the refund. There is a ‘refund’ button next to each transaction, which is an option for 28 days from the date of purchase.

– The registered business takes full responsibility for the return of those goods/services. OPEN is not responsible for any purchase made or returned.

6.3 If there are insufficient funds in the business account for OPEN to offer a free refund, the retailer will need to refund with cash, or credit, outside of the OPEN platform. Our commission will be charged and we are not responsible for the refund, if funds have already been withdrawn from the business account.

6.4 If a gift card purchase has been made as part of a split payment, the same procedure applies. You will need proof of purchase and the card will be refunded with whatever funds were taken. The remaining balance will need to be processed by the business’s normal payment facility, i.e. cash or card.

6.5 Refunds will only be issued on the original card used to make the purchase.


7. Personal data:

7.1 No personal information is stored on our system, apart from details outlined in section 1.1. These will occasionally be used to contact a registered business, or to add details on our ‘Where to spend’ section on our website, however they will never be shared with a 3rd party.


8. Ending the relationship:

8.1 OPEN has the right to remove any business from the platform if we feel they’re not acting in a responsible manner. We will be monitoring activity and if we feel you’re involved in unlawful activity, your account will be suspended immediately. Only after a full investigation will OPEN make a decision as to whether you will remain or be removed from the platform.

8.2 You are free to leave the OPEN platform at any point, however you must contact us directly as your online account will need to be closed to customers. Please contact You will be removed completely and any outstanding balance will be forfeited, unless withdrawn from the system.