Giving local businesses access to national gift card spend.

Our mission is to drive new sales and customers into local businesses. In order to do that we need to build a community of small business owners, just like you!

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Be more OPEN

Now, more than ever, small businesses need help. Our gift card solution is designed to help drive additional revenue into small businesses, by giving people an option to spend gift cards in places they shop every day – not just in the big retailers.

Our platform can be your gift card solution if you don’t already have one, or it can simply run alongside any existing gift card offering you have. By registering your business with OPEN you are joining a network of small businesses. Our cards can be spent in ANY registered business regardless of where it was bought.

Join the growing OPEN community

It takes just a minute and you’ll have access to all the benefits OPEN Gift Cards offer.

It’s free to sign up

It’s completely free to register a business account and it takes just a few minutes to get started.

Instant Revenue

OPEN acts like cash, so money spent in your shop goes straight into your account. You can withdraw this cash whenever you want.

Simple accounting

Full access to a detailed breakdown of all your transactions, so you can easily balance your books. (including your VAT)

No integration required

You don’t need any fancy technology, just an internet connection and a smart phone / computer.

Marketing support

We invest heavily in marketing, to create more awareness and drive additional sales for our members.


Out platform keeps your money safe thanks to multiple anti-fraud and money laundering prevention tools.


We want to give you access to MORE MONEY…

Did you know over £3.5bn is spent by employers, rewarding staff with gift cards, each year? Staff reward systems allow employees to choose which retailer they want the gift card for, however currently there is no option for employees to pick small or local businesses. OPEN wants to change that; we want to represent the nation’s small businesses by having a presence on these staff reward systems. This means employees have the option to choose an OPEN card and spend this reward money in small businesses, just like yours!

OPEN features and benefits

Once you’re a registered member of the community, you’ll have access to the following…

Free OPEN welcome pack

Includes POS, gift cards, access to the platform and customer support details.

Personalised dashboard

Where you can create a profile, see your full transaction history and withdraw funds from your secure account.

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In-app listing

Join the ever-growing directory of registered businesses on the platform. This will let customers know you’re OPEN for business.

Staff app access

We understand that business owners aren’t always at the workplace. OPEN gives remote access to members of staff to redeem gift cards easily.

Want to understand more about how OPEN works?


Our commission model

We want to be as transparent as possible. You pay nothing till we generate additional sales for you. You get to keep 88% and we put our bit back into marketing OPEN and our members… to create even more awareness and sales. Win win.

No Monthly Fees

If you don’t redeem any OPEN gift cards, it’s only fair you don’t pay any commission.

Gift Cards Included

Covers cost of the OPEN point of sale unit and any gift cards you require.

All Banking Fees Covered

This covers all costs of banking transactions with Visa and Mastercard.

Platform Access

All costs are covered for access to our FCA compliant platform, including free withdrawals and free returns.

Total Commission You Pay
% 12

Businesses will pay a 12% flat fee on every gift card purchase. This will be deducted when you withdraw funds from your secure account.

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