Rethinking gift cards
for small businesses.

OPEN is rethinking how the gift card market works for small businesses. We have created a straightforward platform, with the simple aim of driving additional revenue into local businesses.

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Welcome to the gift card revolution

If you gift OPEN to your loved one or friend, they can spend it in places they use all the time. This means you aren’t restricted to just buying them a gift card from the same handful of big retailers and you’re helping support small businesses!

Want to know more?

Open for business

Completely free for businesses to sign up, no integration required, no monthly subscription. Create an account in minutes and your business will receive a welcome pack with everything you need to offer/accept gift cards from customers.

Gifting a card

Take a card from a registered business (for free) or order online from our website. You simply add funds in your own time and gift to someone as you would any other gift card. You can add between £10 and £120 and the cards are valid for 2 years.

Spending a card

Your card can be spent in any OPEN registered business in the UK. Your local bar, hairdresser, or retail shop – you name it, if they’re registered with OPEN you can spend it there. If they aren’t, then just ask them to sign up.

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Join the growing OPEN community

It takes just a few minutes and you’ll be ready to accept OPEN Gift Cards right away.

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The story behind OPEN

Over £7bn pounds is spent each year on gift cards in the UK and the vast majority of that money goes to large retailers.

Historically there has been no way for this money to be spent in independent businesses, so we decided to do something about it. We designed a simple platform that allows money on an OPEN gift card to be spent in any registered business, anywhere in the UK.

As we all know, small businesses need as much help as possible; there are over 5.8 million of them in the UK and they play a huge role in supporting the nation’s economy.

Do them all a little favour and gift OPEN to your loved ones 🙂

Shop local, support local!